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How much do we know about the Indian film industry? Few people are aware of the fact that Bollywood has a story of nearly a century. For most film lovers Hollywood is always on a top while Bollywood movies seem to be second-rate. Moreover, they are unfairly relegated to the backburner.
However, the true experts can name not only Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johansson but also a galaxy of the most alluring and illustrious Bollywood actresses. It’s not an overstatement to say that almost a thousand Indian actresses were performed by Bollywood screenland.
During its century-old history, more indian than one actresses generation has passed. Some of them fell off the edge of the earth, as well as others keep on staying an ultimate world-renowned fashion and beauty icon. The career of many chic actresses goes by like a flash and disappears together with their youth and beauty. A lot of charm images change on the screen after each other.
And only really talented and impressive actresses are found in the hearts of film all over the world.
We bring you a list of the ten most famous Indian actors who have built careers in Hollywood – from Bollywood big names who’ve pursued parallel careers abroad, to actors from India who went straight to Hollywood fame and glory.
Priyanka is among the most successful Bollywood stars to have pursued a career in Hollywood. Her debut as the lead character in TV show Quantico, which is currently on its second season, was well-received in the United States and in India. While filming for Quantico, the charismatic actress also played one of the lead roles in Bollywood blockbuster Bajirao Mastani, for which she won IIFA and Filmfare awards, among others. With a Hollywood movie premiere in Baywatch directed by Seth Gordon set for release in 2017, Priyanka has managed to juggle Hollywood and Bollywood like few others.
Anil Kapoor is a household name in the Indian subcontinent, but his involvement in Hollywood has made him a familiar face globally. From the popular TV show 24 to Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, Kapoor is rarely shy to try his hand in cinematic ventures abroad.

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